Saturday, October 19, 2013


Cborn Nacirfa: Of Leaders, Dogmas, & Education

A Tree Grows in Texas. In a progressive Liberian community of Houston a young man observed the world through creativity. Walking through social issues of his community: from violence, drugs, corporate structures, and matters of the youth. He has shown the world its state through his art, his music, and essays.
This is the vision of a man who has established an independent recording career, subsequent with every project. The sound of Cborn Nacirfa called for leadership in troubled times, and has embodied that leadership to his clients as well as fans. With his foundation and his own production management (Mass D/Gmsk), he has created the soundtrack of the revolutionary; along with essay’s that challenge society ills, and protocol, down to religious Dogma’s. Cborn Nacirfa presents a theory: a theory of change. As shown in projects as “The Only Sun of Malcolm X” and “Sobriety”. Mass D ent./Gmsk presents Cborn Nacirfa: the essential conscious artist.

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